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Resource Family Recruitment Methods

The Play

This is a list of innovative recruitment methods contributed by our members!

Real-World Examples

  • Host information sessions with community organizations like fraternity and sorority alumni groups (especially HBCU fraternities and sororities)

  • Families on military bases are often well-equipped with community supports and can be strong placements.

  • Host brown bags at local hospitals to recruit caregivers with medical training for medically fragile foster children. In Michigan, they leave branded items like flashlights and stress balls in the lunch rooms with the Department phone number on them.

  • Hold information sessions at teachers’ events (including retired teachers’ events).

  • Host events at churches. Beyond information sessions on becoming foster families, churches can be partners for fundraising or donation drives. In DC, over 25 churches each pledge to host a monthly resource parenting information session.

  • Invite older foster youth to read books at the local library or participate in other community events to help spread awareness of the need for foster homes.

  • Clinton County MDHHS in Michigan created a poster, “The Advantages of Teenagers” which they share at farmer’s markets and other booths. It reminds people of the many ways teenagers are better than young kids (no diapers, they can help around the house, etc.) to raise awareness of the need for fostering teenagers.