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Align Checklists to Statutes

The Play

Align checklist items to specific statutes to help decision-makers understand the source of legal requirements.

Who Can Do This?: Anyone
Cost: Free
Timeframe: Weeks
Difficulty: Easy

The Problem It Solves

It ensures that decision-makers clearly understand the source of a problem, so they can identify the most effective solution. For example: a landline telephone requirement creates a challenge for many families, as most people are now in mobile-only households. Is it enough to change the requirement, or does the policy behind this requirement need to be updated / modernized?

How To Do This

  • Create (or pull up) a list of all checklist items.

  • Identify the legal requirement for each item.

  • Add the statute number next to each item on the checklist

Look at Washington’s statute-aligned checklist as a starting point.

As time goes on, consider how you might “update” items that are proving challenging to families– it enough to change the requirement, or does the policy need to be changed?

Outcomes Data

We are still collecting concrete data, but suspect that this:

  • Facilitates the modernization of outdated policies
  • Enables more effective decision-making

Who’s Doing This?

Washington State

Real-World Examples