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Increase Retention with Renewal Check-ins

The Play

Use renewal as an opportunity to touch base with families about their current needs and goals. Families that are feeling overwhelmed might benefit from respite or taking lower-need children for a time, and families that are gaining experience may be ready to take on higher-need placements.

Who Can Do This?: Anyone
Cost: Free
Timeframe: Immediate
Difficulty: Easy

The Problem It Solves

With foster homes, particularly skilled homes, in such high demand, it’s all too easy to keep making placements in a home until they burn out and quit. Using renewal as an opportunity to check-in helps retain families longer; for example, a BRS home may be open to converting to a general license in lieu of closing.

On the other side of the equation, it may not be obvious when an existing family is ready to take on more responsibility and train to take higher-need placements. Renewals offers a natural opportunity for this conversation.

How To Do This

Outcomes Data

We’re working to collect exact data on this, but we believe this increases retention rates of foster families.

Who’s Doing This?

Washington State