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Give families dedicated licensors

The Play

Dedicate a single case worker to the entire licensing process from start to finish. This allows for high-touch engagement, and enables the case worker to get a more holistic and nuanced view of the family. It also increases family satisfaction, as they don’t get confused by multiple workers. This only adds value if there are no more than 2-3 families per case worker.

Who Can Do This?: Agency Decision Maker
Cost: Varies
Timeframe: Immediate
Difficulty: Hard

The Problem It Solves

Each part of the licensing process is often managed by different workers. This has several negative effects:

  1. it lengthens the process
  2. it increases the likelihood of errors because more people are involved throughout, and
  3. it fractures the picture, leaving each worker with different pieces of information

How To Do This

Outcomes Data

A dedicated licensor increases foster family satisfaction, and may increase retention rates.

Who’s Doing This?