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Online Foster Parent Training

The Play

Switch to Web-based training and online/telephone recruitment and orientation events, so you don’t have to stop licensing families. You can use existing resources from places like Washington State, Washington DC, and Michigan that are already doing this.

Who Can Do This?: A licensing decision maker
Cost: Free
Timeframe: About a week
Difficulty: Medium (easier if you use existing resources, below)

The Problem It Solves

Many agencies are pausing their resource family training and licensing efforts. As the need for safe homes for our foster children swells, we can’t afford to wait months to license these families.

How To Do This

Visual learner? Watch a demo of the below options here.

Use existing online foster parent training: Caregiver Core Training (CCT) is the online system developed by the Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence, a partnership within Washington State. If you are interested in exploring whether this is a viable option for your state, please contact the Alliance directly.

Conduct telephone orientations: Orientations for new families can be conducted entirely over the phone–an approach used and championed by Washington DC.

Conduct online orientations Los Angeles County conducts the majority of its orientations online.

Convert your own in-person training to online training: If you prefer using your own training, you can convert it to online training. Michigan has recommended best practices:

If your agency is using Binti:

Outcomes Data

Who’s Doing This?

Washington DC, Washington State, Michigan, and Los Angeles County