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Provide Safety Inspection Items to Families in Need

The Play

Provide critical safety items that families need to pass the safety inspection, but cannot–for any number of reasons–acquire.

Who Can Do This?: Anyone
Cost: Varies
Timeframe: Within a week
Difficulty: Medium

The Problem It Solves

Some families cannot–for reasons of time, money, or transportation–acquire key safety inspection items, like: rope ladders, oven locks, etc. This ensures that anyone who needs safety items can get them.

How To Do This

1/ Collect critical items

Find creative ways to acquire critical safety items that can be distributed to families in need. The most frequently needed items include: fire extinguishers, oven locks, baby gates, first aid kids, medication lock boxes, etc.

2/ Distribute critical items

Make it as easy as possible for your team to distribute critical items to families in need.

Outcomes Data

We are still collecting concrete data, but suspect that this:

Who’s Doing This?

California, Indiana, Rhode Island

Real-World Examples