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Send Safety Inspection Checklists Ahead of Time

The Play

Make the safety inspection checklist available to families ahead of time. This gives the family time to proactively prepare for specific requirements that they may not have (like baby gates, oven locks, etc.).

Who Can Do This?: Anyone, but a licensing decision maker can make this standard practice
Cost: Free
Timeframe: Less than a week
Difficulty: Easy

The Problem It Solves

Some families do not pass the inspection on the first try because they are missing one or more things that they didn’t know they needed to have: a first aid kit, rope ladder, etc. This makes the certification process longer and uses more resources, as the inspector must go back a second time.

How To Do This

Make the checklist available in multiple places. The more, the better! This could include:

Outcomes Data

We are still collecting concrete data, but suspect that this:

Who’s Doing This?

Rhode Island and Washington State

Real-World Examples