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Track Critical Renewal Dates on a Calendar

The Play

Add critical dates like CPR certification renewals, pet vaccination expirations, and additional training due dates to your calendar to send families quick, timely reminders.

Who Can Do This?: Anyone
Cost: Free
Timeframe: Immediate
Difficulty: Easy

The Problem It Solves

Current CPR certification, training, pet vaccinations, and other requirements are generally required in order to renew a foster home license, but those renewal dates rarely line up with the actual foster home license renewal date. Sending reminders to families to address these items ensures that they are all caught up when it’s time to renew their license.

How To Do This

Add critical dates to your calendar:

Send a reminder to families in any of the following ways:

If possible, ask families what their preferred mode of communication is, and send the reminder that way.

Outcomes Data

We are still collecting concrete data, but suspect that this:

Who’s Doing This?

Clinton County MDHHS, Michigan