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Make Keeping in Touch with Kin a Formal Foster Family Responsibility

The Play

Set the expectation with potential and current foster parents that part of their formal responsibility is to help the children in their care keep in touch with their supportive connections. This means adhering to all established kinship connection plans.

Who Can Do This?: Anyone
Cost: Free
Timeframe: Immediate
Difficulty: Easy

The Problem It Solves

Foster parents may not be aware of their foster child’s prior connections. Also, some foster parents may not be motivated to maintain a child’s prior connections, because they want to adopt that child. Making this an explicit responsibility of foster parents can keep children’s support networks intact through their time in foster care. Even if a child is eventually adopted, they deserve to have their full support network in their life.

How To Do This

  • Include the formal expectation that foster parents also foster a child’s existing relationships in your foster parent training.
  • Formally include foster parents in the development of kinship connection plans.

Outcomes Data

We don’t yet have outcomes data for this play.

Who’s Doing This?

  • Washington State

Real-World Examples

  • Washington State includes these expectations in their Caregiver Core Training (CCT) module.