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Be Specific About the End of Foster Care

The Play

Use precise language to describe the day that foster care ends.

Who Can Do This?: Anyone, but it’s most effective if done across your entire program
Cost: Free, though you may have to re-print some materials
Timeframe: Within a few weeks
Difficulty: Easy

The Problem It Solves

Youth often misunderstand when their foster care ends by an entire year. In a multi-state discovery sprint with older foster youth, Think of Us found that when youth hear foster care goes “until 21” they believe that means “until their 22nd birthday,” but it means it ends on their 21st birthday. ”

If a youth believes they have an entire extra year in care, they may accidentally delay plans and activities that can prepare them for independence.

How To Do This

Outcomes Data

Think of Us is conducting a study to identify the best language to use in this scenario, and we’ll update this play with their results.

Who’s Doing This?

This play was contributed by Think of Us.