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The Child Welfare Playbook

The Child Welfare Playbook is a collection of creative practices that lead to tangible improvements and efficiencies in support of foster children and families. Our goal is to create a public, actionable playbook documenting proven best practices that can be easily replicated and scaled by others.

The Playbook is the result of a collaboration between states at the cutting edge of this work and New America’s Public Interest Technology team, in partnership with the Beeck Center’s Digital Service Collaborative (DSC), Foster America, and Think of Us.


Any state, county (in county-administered systems), or private agency is welcome to join us. We also welcome input from any individuals or organizations with expertise and best practices to share!

Our current members include: California, Hawaii, Indiana, Maryland (State of Maryland, along with Baltimore, Frederick, Montgomery, and Prince George’s counties), Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Rhode Island, Virginia (Fairfax county), Washington DC, and Washington State.

There is absolutely no cost to participate, and the commitment is just two hours a month.

To join, email marina AT marinanitze DOT com.

In exchange for participating, members gain:

How it works:

To join, email marina AT marinanitze DOT com.